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Who We Are

About Rhiza Health

At Rhiza Health, we believe that long-term wellness is achieved when assessing and treating the body as an integrated whole. We strive to achieve complete health for our clients by removing the restrictions that inhibit their bodies’ ability to heal itself. Often, the symptoms that lead to an appointment are due to an underlying issue that has arisen because your body cannot function as intended. By removing restrictions, we can treat both symptoms and the root of the problem. Our goal is to cut down on the number of visits needed. After addressing the initial problem, we assume a more proactive approach to prevent further discomfort and help your body maintain a state of long-term wellness.

About Angela

In 2018, Angela moved back to Guelph after completing her Osteopathic training and defending her thesis on the effects of global osteopathic treatment on highly stressed individuals at the Canadian School of Osteopathy in Vancouver. She is excited to have moved back to Guelph, Ontario and is building her practice in the Greater Toronto Area.
Angela has always been driven to improve her manual therapy skill set. In 2013, she started studying Osteopathy and specialized in cranial sacral therapy, Kinesio taping, visceral manipulation and more. She believes that continuing education has enabled her to provide more comprehensive treatments for clients. In doing so, Angela has followed her passion for providing a holistic treatment method that focuses on addressing the root causes of problems and less on treating their symptoms.
Since earning a Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Health Science and a certification in Athletic Therapy, she has been sought by athletes, academics, office workers, and construction workers to help them restore optimal health and performance. Angela has a wealth of experience working with orthopedic surgeons on post-operative cases ranging from debilitating back pain to knee and hip replacements. With such experience, Angela strongly values working in an environment with various practitioners, all unified by shared principles.
Angela grew up playing competitive fastball and values the importance of movement. She understands that the best way to optimize health and performance is to remove the restrictions that limit movement while empowering her clients to move more efficiently and move more often.


How We Can Help You


Sessions typically include an assessment, manual hands-on treatment, and movement exercises for integration at home.

 Initial Assessment

All new clients start here. This includes a review of the client’s medical history and background. Initial assessments are 60 minutes.

Follow-up Treatment

Regular treatments begin with a quick assessment to see what areas will need to be treated. Sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes.


Take Back Your Life

Reclaiming the body addresses finding the root cause. Addressing the whole body to eliminate restrictions that eventually cause the body to break down and give you aches or pains. In essence, rehabilitation working towards future prevention.


Build New Healthy Habits

Restoring the normal function of the body by treating the root of the pain that may be the result of injury, illness, and stress of life.


Freedom To Live Your Life

When the restrictions have been removed from the body, it can once again self-regulate itself and heal as we are meant to. In this step, we educate and guide you through designing and implementing programs to return to your normal activities and reduce the risk of injury, illness or health related concerns.

Kind Words

From Our Customers

Angela is a knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner.

Angela is a knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner. She is a good listener and pays attention to the details of my symptoms and my body in order to effectively treat and bring relief. She is committed to my health and seeks to understand fully what is going on in my body in order to assess and treat me holistically. She is my “go to” and I have full confidence in her as an Athletic Therapist and future osteopath.

- Christy Taylor -

Thank you, Angela! You really saved me and my tailbone!

One slippery winter day I was standing around on a hill when I slipped and landed directly on my tailbone. I stood up immediately hoping the sudden, sharp shooting pain would go away. Each hour it got worse and I started to panic. The pain was so intense. Thankfully, Angela was available later that day to treat me. She took her time to address my issue. I was worried the treating would hurt because of my pain, but I felt no discomfort. She was gentle and talked me through each series of moves. I had no idea how long this new injury was going to affect me now that I was in my mid-30s and healing takes more time. Who knew your tailbone was so important when bending, rolling over in bed, everything! By day 2, I had forgotten I had injured my tailbone. I couldn’t believe it! It honestly felt like a miracle going from so much pain to literally nothing. I couldn’t wait to tell her. Thank you, Angela! You really saved me and my tailbone! 

- Kristina Loewen -

Hip Hip Hooray Angela fixed my Hip!

I visited Angela for osteopathic treatment and she took the time to ask questions and get to the root issue. Just by observing how I stood, she was able to notice where my problem was and she administered treatment that addressed the root cause, not just the symptom. My mobility has improved and the lingering pain I had in my hip is now gone. I heartily recommend Angela to others who are looking for a friendly and super knowledgeable osteopathic manual practitioner.

- Dan Sherman -

What You’ve Asked Us

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we treat?
  • Neck, back, joint pain, chronic pain
  • Concussions
  • Sports injuries
  • Muscles strains, ligament sprains, joint problems
  • Pre & post-surgery: from joint replacements to rotator cuff repairs, we see it all!
  • TMJ dysfunction/pain, problems with digestion, digestion issues
  • And more
What does a typical assessment look like (first appointment)?
An initial evaluation begins with an interview to learn about you and an in depth review of medical history with a full body evaluation.

Based on these findings, a customized treatment will be created for you.

It will focus on restoring the body’s circulation, and ease of movement within all the systems of the living person, encouraging self- regulation and healing process

What should I wear?
Wear loose-fitting athletic clothing. Shorts and a t-shirt are best.
Is this covered by insurance?

Yes, it is – check with your extended health provider to confirm your coverage for Athletic Therapy and Osteopathy.

We are a part of the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (, Ontario Athletic Therapy Association (OATA) ( and  Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (OAO) (

Which associations are you a part of?

Canadian Athletic Therapy Association –

Ontario Athletic Therapy Association –

Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners  –

Where can I learn more about Athletic Therapy?
Where can I learn more about Osteopathy (Manual Therapy)?

Where You Can Find Us


Guelph Location:

Lift Guelph

20 Douglas Street

Guelph, ON N1H 2S9

To book an appointment here call 905.580.5953 or email

Burlington/Hamilton Location:

Balance Osteopathic and Rehabilitation Centre

1350 Plains Rd West

Burlington, ON L7T 1H6

To book an appointment here call 289.337.8403 or email

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